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13. ZIM


13. ZIM (The Garden of NEMO)The Garden of NEMO

Service, duty, love, compassion, responsibility, dedication to duty
Reversed:  Selfishness, irresponsibility, hate, egoity

Gender:    (masculine & feminine)
Answer Correspondence:    Yes / No

"Aethyr of application"

37.  GECAOND    "She who only obeys"
38.  LAPARIN      "He who is the protector of man"
39.  DOCEPAX    "He who names only great names"

Tending carefully to the field of activity, I watch over my actions carefully and firmly.

Psilocybin mushroom

"So we enter the earth, and there is a veiled figure, in absolute darkness. Yet it is perfectly possible to see in it, so that the minutest details do not escape us. And upon the root of one flower he pours acid so that that root writhes as if in torture. And another he cuts, and the shriek is like the shriek of a mandrake, torn up by the roots. And another he chars with fire, and yet another he anoints with oil.

And I said: Heavy is the labour, but great indeed is the reward.

And the young man answered me: He shall not see the reward, he tendeth the garden.

And I said: What shall come unto him?

And he said: This thou canst not know, nor is it revealed by the letters that are the totems of the stars, but only by the stars.

And he says to me, quite disconnectedly: The man of earth is the adherent. The lover giveth his life unto the work among men. The hermit goeth solitary, and giveth only of his light unto men..."

Invader ZIM

"For mine was the keyword to the Closed Palace 418
and mine the reins of the Chariot of the Sphinxes, black and white.
But I was not deceived by anything of all these things."

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