52. AILA


52. AILA (Higher Sephirothic Cross Angels of Air)
Higher Sephirothic Cross Angels of Air

Authority, "harmonious progress"
Reversed:  Futility, "lack of authority"

Gender:    (feminine)
Answer Correspondence:    Yes / No

My intellect goes thru cycles.  When my fortune increases, I look forward to the achievement that this high level of advancement will be for me.  When I have it, I'll radiate to the world with all my lofty qualities.  When I slow down, I'll watch my steps so I don't fall too far & fast.  Finally, when I'm at my lowest, I will turn my back on the pull of the lower world, so I can rise again.

AOVRRZ1180|32     "..who beautifies"
IDOIGO54192|87          "..who sits on the Holy Throne"
LLACZA33337|722    "...who is first to precipitate"
AIAOAI25168|98           "...who is within and among you"