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Fire (Wands / West)

31. EDLPRNAA (The King of Fire)
(The King of Fire)

O Fire,
Your Truth consumes me,
Like jaws of fiery flame.

32. AAETPIO (First Senior of Fire)
(First Senior)
33. ADAEOET (Second Senior of Fire)33. ADAEOET
(Second Senior)
34. ALNKVOD (Third Senior of Fire)34. ALNKVOD
(Third Senior)
35. AAPDOKE (Fourth Senior of Fire)35. AAPDOKE
(Fourth Senior)
36. ANODOIN (Fifth Senior of Fire)36. ANODOIN
(Fifth Senior)
37. ARINNAP (Sixth Senior of Fire)37. ARINNAP
(Sixth Senior)

38. RNVV (Higher Sephirothic Cross Angels of Fire)
(Higher Sephirothic Cross Angels)
39. NOOS (Lower Sephirothic Cross Angels of Fire)39. NOOS
(Lower Sephirothic Cross Angels)
40. ZDAP (Kerubic Angels of Fire)40. ZDAP
(Kerubic Angels)
41. BZDAP (Archangels of Fire)41BZDAP
42. MITO (Ruling Angels of Fire)42MITO
(Ruling Angels)
42. AOGD (Lesser Angels of Fire)43AOGD
(Lesser Angels)

44. OTIM (Demons of Fire)
44. OTIM